Q & A

Here are some questions that I have either been asked a bit or I believe might be asked:


Why do you go by the name Nikoletta when your name is Nicole?
Well, when it comes to finding usernames on social networking sites, most usernames involving the name Nicole, are taken - and we all know how frustrating it is! So I use the name Nikoletta, which is basically my name in Greek because it's pretty uncommon!

What's your job?
I'm currently at college, I finish at the end of June 2016, however I'm freelancing on the side. Once I've finished college I will be dedicating my time to being a freelance makeup artist whilst most likely working on makeup counters.

How old are you?
I am 18!

What camera do you use to take your blog posts?
As of December I have finally managed to save up for the Canon EOS 700D & I use it with the 18-55mm Zoom Lens. 

What's your ethnicity and nationality?
I am a Greek from Cyprus but I was born and I'm still living in London, England.

Where do you see yourself in several years time?
Hopefully settled down in my own home with my own family. Be successful in my freelancing business and just having a good life really!

Who designed the header to your blog?
I designed it myself. I used "PicMonkey" to do it and I found some images off of Google for the flowers, so I do not take any credit for the font and flower image.

What made you want to start blogging?
I really can't remember. All I know is that back when I was 11 I was a huge internet addict (nothing has really changed) so I would do anything to just prolong my time on the internet, I guess. And blogging was a way in which I found took up a lot of my time - but I really love it!

How do I follow your blog?
You can follow my blog via bloglovin'. "It's an easy way to follow your favourite blogs and discover new ones."

Do you receive Student Discount?
Yes I do, it's really beneficial for everyone! Of course you need to be in school/college/university and I'm pretty sure you need a school card (something that has a unique identification number, that identifies you.) I really recommend checking out a site called myunidays.com because they show you all the shops/sites where you can get discount and they also give you codes as well for discount! 
Here's the link for myunidays: https://www.myunidays.com/r/A9ElFlfxSr4 

P.S. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask - you can reach me via my e-mail, my Tumblr ask box, Twitter, Instagram or even in the comments on my blog!