About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Nicole and I sometimes go by the username Nikoletta (Nikolettax on many accounts) on most my social networking sites. 

I was born in London, England in 1998, however I am from an little Island in the Mediterranean called Cyprus, which is where both my parents are from.  

I'm 18 years old - my birthday is on July 23rd. I actually have two star-signs because I was born on a Cusp. My star-signs are Cancer and Leo. (I like saying this fact about me because I find it really interesting.)  

I have a huge passion for make-up and most things that involve being creative. The reason why I believe I love those fields so much is because it gives people a chance to show their creative sides. And they both give you an insight to the person's style and personality. 

About my blog:

I started blogging back when I was 11, so in 2009-2010 I believe. I always love expressing to people what I love about products/clothes etc because I think it's really interesting (well for me anyway)...

I created this blog on the 10th July 2014. However I've been blogging since 2009/2010 with various blogging accounts and sites. And throughout all these blogs I have created, they all have one thing in common - which are the type of blog posts. 
My blog posts will consist of anything to do with make-up, fashion or even lifestyle events etc. If you read my "About Me" page or "Q & A" page you may know that I want to become a freelance make-up artist. And I know that there may be several people reading my blog who may want to become one also. So hopefully when I start college to study make-up, I can take you with me along my journey into becoming a make-up artist and I can give you my tips, tricks and general advice to help you out. So expect to see some make-up artist posts!

I really hope you guys enjoy my blog, it means a lot.

Lots of Love,