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Hello lovelies, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Today I'm going to be doing a blog post on some brow products that I have come across! Brows have become such an important topic in today's society, so I think we should all work our magic and aim to having fleeky brows!

Billion Dollar Brows is a professional cosmetic company that sell both on their site and also on the Boots site. I'm going to be reviewing 2 of their kits; "Billion Dollar Brows 60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows" & "Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit"
!!!Billion Dollar Brows is cruelty free & vegan friendly!!!



This little kit comes with the Billion Dollar Brows Brow Brush and Brow Powder, I have the shade "Taupe" as it's a great match for my brow hairs, I have dark brown eyebrows, so if you have dark brown eyebrows then Taupe would be a great shade for you. This powder has another 3 shades in "Blonde/Light Brown & Raven"

I've always been a firm user of brow powders, just because I feel it gives such a natural effect to the eyebrows without looking false or drawn on. I really love this set, it's so perfect for beginners, the brush is amazing, the angled side is thin which is FANTASTIC, there are hardly any brow brushes that have a thin brush to apply the product, having a thin brush allows you to be really precise when applying any brow product, so I really love this brow brush - the brow spoolie on the other end is also handy, I have very unruly brows so a brow brush is always needed in my collection!
The brow powder is an ashy shade of brows which is fabulous, because a lot of brow powder have redy tones in them and it's not so flattering, but as you can see in the picture above, the brow powder is an ashy shade, there are no signs of red tones, therefore it makes the powder look very natural. 

This kit retails for £24 from Boots: - - - - you can also buy these products separately from the Boots site & from the Billion Dollar Brows site.



This kit is such a good idea for a Christmas present or just any present in general. It comes with a brow pencil that's universal so it suits any HAIR COLOUR! It also comes with a brow concealer and highlighter, a smudge brush and brow gel.

The brow pencil actually shocked me, it turned out really natural, I've always been scared to use brow pencils because I've always felt you've had less control over them, but I really enjoyed this one and the outcome it had, the colour is great also, it matches perfectly! I then used the concealer and highlighter, I absolutely love the highlighter on this, I've never gone to the extent of highlighting my brow bone but this highlighter is so beautiful and natural looking and creamy, I am actually in love with it! I used the smudge brush to blend out the concealer and the highlighter, I found the brush was really easy to use as it curves around my brow shape really well and just generally makes it easy to use.
Out of this whole kit, the brow gel is my favourite product - I have REALLY long brow hairs that just end up going all over the place by the end of the day, but this miracle in a bottle kept them in place! 

This kit retails for £49.50 from Boots: - - - - - you can also buy these products separately from the Boots site & from the Billion Dollar Brows site.


Thank you so much for reading, I hope this brow post helped you browfanatics!
Billion Dollar Brows are also hosting a GIVEAWAY to win the second kit that I reviewed in this blog post, you can click HERE to enter!

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