Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Make Up Forever Flash Palette DUPE!

Hello everyone! Recently I've been venturing my make-up skills into the more theatrical side of make-up. If you're slightly unsure of what theatrical make-up is, it's basically the film/theater side of make-up. For instance; masks, cuts, bruises, face painting etc. 
And in order for me to have pursued something in theatrical make-up, I had to buy some products.
One of the products that really stood out to me was a product that looks exactly like the Make Up Forever Flash Palette. This palette was only £7! 

The dupe:


I'm really surprised with the quality and pigmentation of these colours. 
I honestly thought that they were going to look really patchy/streaky and very un-pigmented like those really cheap paints you can sometimes buy.
As you can see, I did swatch them on my arm - I left the swatches on my arm for about forty-five minutes each, they did not irritate my arm what-so-ever. However, if you want to test them properly, test the colours on the back of your neck, behind your ear. Of course, everyone has different allergies/sensitivity levels, so the outcome may be different for everyone.
I seriously can't overcome how amazing this item is, especially at the price of £7 when it usually retails for $99!

I hope you found this post interesting! 

Monday, 13 October 2014

How I Clean My Make-up Brushes

Hello everyone, how was your weekend? I thought I would share with you all a rather handy blog post. I'm also going to be sharing with you my tips and advice on how you can protect your brushes!
I clean my brushes after every use, I'm quite weird when it comes to cleaning my brushes. I always like to have a clean brush whenever I do my make-up so that the finished look can look as good as it can! This might also explain why my brushes don't look that dirty. 
Just a disclaimer: for my personal brushes I use just shampoo as the brushes are only being applied to my skin. For the brushes in my make-up kit (the brushes that I use on other people) I use my MAC Brush Cleanser to clean them, as it really disinfects them.

What I need:

A towel
• Shampoo
• Luke-warm water
• Brushes (of course)

Let's get started!

First off I always wash my hands!
I use the Alberto Balsam shampoo in "Sun Kissed Raspberry" for many reasons. It's very affordable, it foams up nicely (which means that it is really cleansing the hairs on your brushes) and it smells lovely! 

I then rinse my brush in luke-warm water - you must remember: on your brush you may have a barrel (in the picture above the barrel of my brush is gold), this barrel holds the brush handle and the actual brush with the hairs together. Never let the water go past the end of the barrel (the end is basically where it meets with the brush handle, which is the black wooden stick on the end of the brush, haha) otherwise it will weaken the glue inside and damage your brush!

After, I then apply a grape size amount of shampoo onto my hand (where the ridges are between my fingers.) I then twirl my brush in the product using circular motions, to massage the product into the hairs to clean it. I really recommend cleaning your brushes between the ridges of your fingers! Allow the product to lather up nicely, so that you can be ensured that your brush is cleaned! 

The best way to dry your brushes:

So these next tips are really important! I like to roll up one side of a towel to create a little hill/slope. All brushes dry the quickest at an angle. So slanting your brushes at ruffly a sixty degree angle will allow them to dry so much quicker, than if you were to put them flat down on a surface. Drying your brushes at an angle also stops any water that is left over in the bristles of your brush from seeping down into the barrel and the wooden/metal handle of the brush, which can essentially weaken the glue and ruin your brushes.

And that my friends, is how I clean and take care of my brushes. I'm sorry that this was such a rambly blog post. I just can never stress enough of how important it is to clean your brushes as regularly as you can. I really hope this post helps you!

What do you use to clean your brushes? 
And what's your favourite brush make?

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Beauty Wishlist | October 2014

Hello everyone! It has come to that time of the month again where I share with you lovely bunch some products that have caught my eyes that I really want to try out. 

What my heart desires:

1. Make up For Ever Flash Palette - $99 Sephora - I'm pretty sure quite a few of you have seen this product, and if I'm honest it is a really expensive item, I'm pretty sure it's ninety-nine dollars...But this item seems like such a handy thing to have. I'm really into theatrical makeup, so this would be such an amazing item for if you are into transforming yourself into a crazy monster/character! 

2. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - £30.50 Selfridges - Ah. This product is highly hyped about in the beauty community that I am so eager to get my paws on this product and see what all the fuss is about! I am also a huge fan of dewy looking foundations and when I heard that this foundation gives you a natural 'glow' it completely hooked me!

3. MAC "Rebel" Lipstick - £15.50 MAC - This lipstick is so stunning, especially for this time of year! However, I really don't think I could pull this colour off...And I've got a feeling that this colour may wash me out. I shall give it a swatch when I'm next in a MAC store.

4. Bobbi Brown BBU Palette - $250 Bobbi Brown USA - Now I'm pretty sure this is one of the products that first caught your eyes when you saw this post. I really think this product would come in extremely handy for when I hopefully start freelancing in the future. Not to mention, Bobbi Brown concealers are amazing! So it can't really get any better than that! 

5. Bare Minerals "Well Rested" Eye Brightener - £16.75 FeelUnique - I have heard Shaaanxo (on YouTube) talk about this item so much, to the point that I have added this item to my wishlist. And her undereyes always look flawless, so I thought I would take her recommendations on board! However, she is now using an E.L.F powder under my eyes, so I've got a bit of a dilemma to face now...Hmm.

I hope you enjoyed this post! 
How has your day been? And what is something that has caught your eyes recently?

Monday, 6 October 2014

My Z Palette!

Hello lovelies! How are you all? So recently, I purchased a Z Palette off of Amazon. I've been looking for a way to store some of my eyeshadows, as I am running out of space in my make-up draws and I found that the Z Palette seemed like a handy and nifty product to store my eyeshadows in! So of course, I bought one. These do retail for around £20, depending on the size of the palette that you want. I bought an Xtra Large one as I thought it would definitely fit all my eyeshadows in...Which it did!

So, in this palette I store all of my MUA eyeshadows. This brand has amazing quality eyeshadows. They are insanely pigmented and creamy and not to mention, the sizing is double the size of MAC eyeshadows, oh...And they're only a £1. WHAT?! I really love these eyeshadows, I honestly think that these are much better quality than a majority of some MAC eyeshadows, which is rather insane seeing as the MAC eyeshadows retail for nearly £15. I really urge all of you to give these eyeshadows a go, you probably won't regret it!


Just a little side note: "Shade 20" is actually a black eyeshadow, but because it is contrasted so much next to the eyeshadow "Onyx" which is an even darker and stronger black eyeshadow - the shades of brown in "Shade 20" show up more, as "Onyx" is a more intense black - but I promise you that "Shade 20" is actually a matte black colour!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
What's your favourite eyeshadow brand?