Wednesday, 3 September 2014

What's In My School Bag?

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would show you what was in my school bag, as I find these type of blog posts/videos extremely interesting. As some of you may or may not know, I did get offered a place at my secondary school's sixth form but I wanted to go to college instead and study specialist and theatrical make-up (which is make-up for films and make-up in general.) 

My school bag:

This backpack is actually from Tesco and it's by someone called Anna Smith. This bag was only around £16! I really love the design on this bag and I also love how many secure compartments it has. On the front you can see two pockets, they have a buckle and magnetic button clasp, but when you open the clasp, there is a zip all the way around the pocket which is amazing. I usually don't like backpacks because I'm really scared that someone will just go into your bag and take something, but the way that this bag was designed really makes me feel more reassured that it will be a lot harder for someone to steal something from my bag. 

In the main compartment:

In the pockets:

Items shown:

 Polka Dot Folder ~ £1.60 ~ Tesco
• A4 Pink Notebook ~ £2.50 ~ Tesco (I honestly don't know why I chose this one...)
• Pukka Pads ~ £1.99 each (on offer) ~ Sainsburys
• 2014 - 2015 Adjenda ~ £1 ~ Poundland
• Purse ~ £19.99 ~ Newlook
• Pencil Case ~ £2/£3 ~ Amazon
• Stationary ~ Tesco
• Vouge Glasses ~ Local opticians
• Make-up Bag ~ 3 euros ~ Jumbo, Cyprus
• Soap & Glory Lid Stuff "What's nude" ~ £10 ~ Boots
• Blending Brush ~ £1 ~ Ebay
• Zerocream ~ Prescription
• MUA Matte Eyeshadow "19" ~ £1 ~ MUA/Superdrug
• Baby Lips "Cherry Velvet" ~ Gift 
• Cherry Carmex ~ £2.69 ~ Boots
• Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream ~ £9.99 ~ Boots
• Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer "3" ~ £4.19 ~ Boots
• (Very battered) Rimmel Stay Matte Powder "Transparent" ~ £3.99 ~ Boots
• Maybelline The Falsies Drama "Black Drama" ~ £7.99 ~ Boots
• Big Powder Brush ~ Set from Amazon
I also carry my phone and headphones in my bag but I forgot to capture them in this picture as I was just on my phone. When I actually start college (as of next tuesday) I will also be putting in some make-up remover into my bag.
You may also be wondering, why I carry a full make-up bag in my bag...Well, as I am going to college to study make-up, that usually involves you having to take off your make-up and have someone apply dramatic or different make-up on you, and I would like to take off that make-up afterwards and apply some more wearable make-up haha.
In the pockets of my bag I keep things that I tend to reach for my often. I have my keys, travalo (which is a perfume atomizer), plasters, nail file, mirror, flossing stick and an extra battery for my phone.

What's your favourite item in your school bag?


  1. I love the Anna Smith backpacks!! Good luck in your new school year xo

    1. Me too, they're so gorgeous! Aw thank you, you too! :D

  2. Love your rucksack! My favourite thing to do at the start of every term is to stock up on stationary x

  3. Just given your blog a follow, I absolutely love this post! Hope your first day back to school went well.

  4. your backpack looks amazing :) Great post.

  5. love your backpack! All your stationary and stuff is so pretty :) x

  6. Hi! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out on my blog at: :)

  7. wow I love your blog! And that backpack is soo awesome, I'm actually looking for such a backpack. Do you know if you can order it online somewhere?

    xx Ilse