Monday, 22 September 2014

My Hair Care Routine

Hello lovelies! Today's post is going to be on my hair care routine. I have recently bought these products and I thought I would share them with you as they have changed the way my hair looks and feels, and not to mention, I am soo happy with the outcome. 
These products work amazingly well, and in order to confirm to you guys that they do I thought I would do a comparison between two hair types which these products have worked insanely well on. My mum and I both tried out these products. My hair type is normal, it's not very dry - it is a bit dry towards the ends of my hair, but it's not rough or anything. I have wavy/curly hair. My mum's hair type is very curly and as she has been dying it for over five years her hair has become quite dry and rough towards the ends. After this routine my mum and I found these results to be amazing, especially my mum as she has tried every hair product in the shops to help with renewing her hair and these ones worked the best. 

The products:

The routine:

*This coconut oil step only applies for every two weeks*
Firstly, I like to take my Tangle Teezer and I like to brush my hair thoroughly so that the next step will be easier for me. 
I then take my Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (I bought mine from Tesco) and I scoop out some of the product with a spoon into a small metal pan. I then put the gas on so that the coconut oil can turn into a liquid. The coconut oil comes as a solid, so you need to heat up the product, so that it can turn into a liquid, so that you can put it in your hair. 
After that, you should definitely wait for it to cool down. So once it has cooled down take your spoon and pour the product into your hands. I will then rub the product in evenly to my hands and I will then begin to evenly distribute the product throughout my hair. Remember to avoid putting a product like this to the roots of your hair, as it can clog the pores and possibly prevent hair growth there. 
After I apply the product to my hair, I then take my brush again and I brush through my hair, this step helps to distribute the product even more. 
After that, your hair should then look quite damp. You'll then want to tie or clip your hair up into a bun. Now, this next step sounds really weird, but trust me, without this next step you probably won't have the best outcome. You'll want to put a bag over your hair, so that the bag can keep in all the moisture from the coconut oil.
I leave the product in my hair for about two hours.
After two hours, I take out my hair clip and this step is when you can see and feel the instant change in the texture of your hair. My hair felt extremely soft!
I then wash my hair with the new range of shampoo and conditioner from Garnier called Ultimate Blends. My mum and I absolutely love these products as well! The shampoo is in a sort of oil formula, which I thought was quite peculiar - but then my mum and I both found that this shampoo moisturises and conditions your hair rather than stripping your hair dry like a majority of what other shampoos do! 
*I prefer not to brush my hair again after washing my hair as I have quite curly/wavy hair so my hair tends to poof up if I brush it, so I stay as far away from any brush as I can!*
I then wait for my hair to dry so that it becomes fairly damp. I then apply my Garnier Ultimate Blends Oil. I found/bought this product before I found the shampoo and the conditioner, this product is my favourite hair product ever. This product lead me towards the shampoo and conditioner. And my gosh, it was one of the best buys in my life. I use this oil nearly every day (on the ends of my hair), it really depends... Ohh, I also forgot to mention, but this hair range also smells flawless. 
Anyway, this oil makes your hair soft, shiny and it also makes it smell like coconuts, obviously, haha. If there was one product in this post that I would recommend it is by far this one! But then again...I really like the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil just as equally...Oh dear.
The last step isn't extremely necessary but I find that it works rather well for the days when I plait or curl my hair. This Aussie Curl Definition product also smells gorgeous and it also softens and gives shine to your hair whilst defining and holding in the curls of your hair.

The outcome:

*Please excuse how messy my hair looks, I took this as soon as I woke up, literally*
I did this full routine exactly this time last week, and since then I have just washed my hair with the Garnier products and added the Garnier oil, and the pictures above are from the outcome two days after doing so. The picture above is also taken a couple of minutes after taking my hair out of a plait which I did the night before (yesterday.) 
I am currently feeling my hair as I am writing this and my hair still feels smooth and looks shiny. It still smells great and I can actually run my fingers through my hair fairly well, which is great considering that I've been outside with my hair down since I washed it, and it's pretty much knot-free.

And...That's my routine! I hope I helped you all out with finding some new products. I believe these products will work on practically any hair type, as they worked on mine and my mums and we have quite different hair types!

What are your favourite hair products?!


  1. I really wish they sold Aussie in Australia. I have naturally curly hair and would love to give that curl definer a try.

    1. Aw! Have you tried looking on Amazon or on Ebay? If the shops in Australia sell the Garnier oil, I would highly recommend that oil over the Aussie one! (:

  2. great post, I love your hair! I'd be lost without my tangle teezer, I had to buy another recently because I lost my old one. would really love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)


    1. Thank you soo much! I know the struggle! :( Of course I will Louise (:

  3. Lovely post! Your hair is so beautiful. It still amazes me how many uses coconut oil has... Haha. I have never seen these Garnier products in The Netherlands, even though we do have this brand. I'm currently using some products from Dove's Hair Therapy range. They are supposed to help with split ends, and I think they're great products. I was looking for some new blogs to read, and I thought I'd check out yours. Summer from Owls In The Summer tagged us both for the Liebster Award some time ago. Love your blog, definetely going to come back here. It would mean a lot if you wanted to check out my page.
    X Breakaway Beauty

    1. Aw thank you so so much! I use it for literally EVERYTHING. I reaaallyyy want to try out the Dove hair care range! (:

  4. Hi Nicole, coconut oil is so handy, it's good for dry skin etc too! The Garniere range looks really nourishing, I have dry ends that need constantly tlc!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  5. It really is! I love using it for pretty much everything! It really is. It doesn't feel like it strips your hair like a lot of other brands do! Hahaha, it's worth trying out! (: