Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Review: MAC's 'Soft & Gentle' Mineralize Skinfinish

Hi there awesome people of the internet! In my previous post I mentioned how I would be doing a review on MAC's 'Soft & Gentle' highlighter - which is what I will be doing today!
I've wanted to get my paws on this product for about two years right up until my birthday rolled around when my sister surprised me with it! And now I can finally be apart of the ever-so-famous bandwagon for this product. 
Before I received this product I had never gone into a MAC store and swatched this product, I had only seen pictures on Google and videos on YouTube tutorials. So it really surprised me as I had never seen this product in person.

The product:

This MAC 'Soft & Gentle' Skinfinish  retails for £23 on the official MAC website. 
Now of course, this product isn't the cheapest on the market, but if you're into highlighters and make-up then I really do urge you to check out this product, as it is one of my favourites and may even be your future favourite!
As you may be able to see, MAC has changed the packaging of this product. I really like the packaging of this product, it looks very sleek. But at the same time, there's nothing extremely glamorous about it - like there's no gold/silver/rose gold packaging etc.
It seems as if there is a magnet attached to the opening section of the lid to this product, which is fantastic because it means that this product will stay shut and not open in your make-up bag, and cause a mess which will end up taking hours to clean. I'm sure we've all been there...
As you may also be able to see from the picture above, this product looks like a baked product, the colour is somewhere between a peach/beige shade. I would personally describe the colour as rose gold. This colour also comes off as quite bronzey, which is perfect for the summer, as it would add an extra glow and warmth to your face.
If you're a huge make-up lover you may know that highlighters come in different tones, such as pink, white, gold, bronze etc. This one is between a gold/bronze shade which is why I personally think it looks fairly natural than other shades of highlighters. 

A swatch of this product:

As mentioned earlier, I did describe this product to be of a rose-gold colour. The reason I also described this product to be natural looking is because it is of a similar shade to not only my skin-tone but many others, so it would blend in really well with the right brush!
I would personally use either my fingers/a fan brush/a tapered brush/a small powder or blush brush to apply this product as I believe it would give this product the most natural effect.
With highlighters, I really feel like they bring a make-up look together as they really add a glamorous yet natural, healthy effect to the skin, with a slight colouring to also add some warmth.
I've been using this product ever since I got it, and it always looks stunning on my cheekbones and to be completely honest anyone can pull off this product as it's such a versatile colour. It's not like a lip colour where it would only suit certain people, this product will suit any skin-tone/shade. 
I honestly do recommend this product as I think it would be one of those product where if you're having a bad face make-up day, it would instantly brighten up your day/face (literally.)


  1. Just bought this product, completely agree with your review, how amazing is it? I never used to be on the mac bandwagon, but after buying this I feel like I've opened the most expensive pandoras box ever! x

    1. I'm glad you liked this post! Haha, that's how I felt too when I was given it for my birthday - it's so beautiful! X