Friday, 15 August 2014

Fashion & Accessory Haul!

Hello! So I did some online shopping and I also went on a little shopping trip (by myself) recently and I thought I would share with you what I bought fashion and accessory wise. If you do like any item of clothing shown below, click on the picture and it will take you to the site and location of where I bought these clothes/accessory from! There will also be a "Make-up Haul!" blog post coming very soon - so you can hopefully look forward to that! P.S. I did buy the clothes from Newlook in store. But I bought the clothes from Boohoo online - as it's an online store. 



Boohoo Aztec Playsuit: This playsuit is absolutely stunning. The bottom half of the playsuit is lovely and flowy which honestly looks like a skirt, which is also why I really like this item. It cinches at the waist, which is always good, however around the bust area, there is a bit of gaping on the sides due to the way it was made - but you can always wear a black bandeau underneath - which is what I have been doing, otherwise it would have been rather revealing! This playsuit sells out of sizes really quickly. So buy it whilst you can! This picture shown above of this item doesn't do the fashion item any justice.
Boohoo Daisy Swing vest: This is a lovely everyday, casual top. It's lovely and lightweight and I really like the print on this top. 
Boohoo Crochet Trim Cami (White): I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, but the fabric is a little bit sheer, so it's best to wear either a plain white bra or a white/colourful bandeau. I really think this top would look amazing with some high-waisted jeans or some leggings (to make the look more casual.) This top is also available in a coral and white colour, which also looks really nice. 



Newlook Lace Back Cami: I haven't tried on this item properly (apart from in the changing room) but I did really like it when it was on me. It's a simple yet pretty fashion item, which can either be dressed up with some statement jewelry or made casual with some leggings and converse. 
Newlook Daisy Crochet Trim Cami (Pale Blue): I wore this top for a whole day, and the fabric is so lightweight and cooling, which is fantastic for the hotter weather! I really like this top, I love the daisy trim around the neckline, back and straps of this top. 
Newlook Stone Cut Out Zip Purse: Now if you are a reader from my previous blogging site, you would know that I could not seem to let go of my five-year-old, floral, River Island purse. And ever since I came across this new purse, I have been obsessed. You can probably tell that I have an obsession with crochet/cut out products from a majority of my blog posts - because I do. I think these designs are beautiful and unique. Which is why I love this purse a lot. It has rose-gold hardware and underneath the peachy cut out fabric is some rose-gold fabric (which you may be able to see from the picture) which is so beautiful!

I hope you all enjoyed this fashion post! Don't forget to leave a comment below. 
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  1. i love that white top, so pretty xx

    1. It is - I can't wait to wear it! (: