Thursday, 31 July 2014

A Girl's Guide of Essentials for Summer

First off, we all need to be very aware that there are more important essentials for the summertime than what I'm about to show you, like sun-cream, hats and sunglasses. But, this guide is all the random essentials to make you look and feel summery and great!

The guide:

For my personal entertainment, I chose books, of course your form of entertainment can be anything you like, like films or shopping etc. If there is one author that I can suggest to all the girls out there who love a good rom-com book is any book by my favourite all-time author called Lindsey Kelk. I have read every single one of her books and I love all of them to pieces. I have no words to explain how much I love her books...Anyway, I've been waiting for months to get my hands on this book and I finally have it! I highly suggest reading her books because they are all amazingly written.

During the summer time it's great to make your skin look glowy and bronzed - but it really depends on your preference! For me, I like to stick to natural-looking products such as highlighters. Like the one shown above from MAC in the shade "Soft and Gentle." This is such a beautiful summery shade, it's a lovely rose-gold colour which really highlights and ever-so-slightly bronzes up your cheekbones. Of course, there are more affordable alternatives that you may be able to come across in your local Boots or Superdrug, but this one by MAC has been my favourite recently. *I will be doing a full review on this product which is why I haven't included any swatches in this blog post.*
You must also remember to moisturise your body, but most importantly your legs, as during this time of year as they do tend to get quite dry and they are also the main focus for if you're a shorts/skirts-wearer. I highly recommend any moisturiser that includes a bronzey-sheen or fine glitters as this will make your skin look very healthy and glowy. The lotion I tend to reach for is one by Marks and Spencers, unfortunately they do not appear to sell this product any longer. However I'm quite a fan of Dove's body lotions as they are very moisturising and some of them include a bronzey-sheen and fine glitters!

Not only is this section of the guide important for summer but it's important for all-year-round. Just like moisturising your skin is! Make sure to find a hair oil that suits your hair type - I really like oils as they are very rich and more beneficial to helping your hair. I really like the Macadamia oil as it really helps your hair to look glossy and healthy. This oil (and quite a lot of other oils) claims to protect your hair from straighteners, curlers and maybe even sun rays. Unfortunately I've just run out of my bottle, so I've got to re-purchase a new one, I'm thinking of trying the "It's a 10" range of hair care products as I've heard great reviews on their line - more specifically their "Miracle Leave-In" range of hair care products.

I really love these flip-flops that I bought from Newlook, they're really comfy and they haven't caused the middle of my first two toes to become sore. Not to mention, they're really pretty, the jewels on them reflect different colours through the sunlight which really glams up the outfit I'm wearing. When buying flip-flops I do suggest looking at the wire that goes between your big toe and your second toe. I prefer the wire between my big toe and my second toe to be plastic rather than a fabric as it will be less likely to cause irritation/burns/harsh rubbing between the toes.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My Top Four Drugstore Foundations!

Hi everyone! I thought I would do a blog post today about my top favourite foundations/tinted face products that I find work best for my skin and hopefully yours!
First off, I really believe that all these products would work very well for people who have any skin type, but mostly dry/normal skin! I do have dry/normal skin, which is why I really do recommend these products to people who are like myself and also have a similar skin type to me. However my skin type always changes depending on the weather. So now that we're in the middle of summer, my nose area tends to be a bit more oilier than the rest of my skin, so I do also believe that these foundations would also be suited for people who have oily skin as well, as they're working fantastically on me at the moment!
Secondly, these are my go-to foundations, I prefer to wear concealer over foundation on whatever day I decide to wear make-up. I usually opt for foundations for when my skin is having a bad day. I'm pretty sure we've all had those days! 

The foundations:

From left to right:
 Bourjois Happy Light Foundation
MaxFactor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation  
Revlon Colourstay Foundation 
Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

Bourjois Happy Light:
This foundation claims to give you a "luminous complexion." I can agree to some levels with this claim as this foundation doesn't leave your skin matte nor very dewy, the sheen is in between when first applied - so it's quite like a satin finish. However after a few hours of having the foundation on I did start to notice a bit more dewiness coming along. It has a very light and runny consistency - it feels very light when applied to the skin and it gives a really nice light-medium coverage, which can be buildable. I personally see this foundation as more of a medium coverage, as it is fairly good at covering up blemishes that are left behind from breakouts. I think this foundation would be great for people who have any skin type. If you're like me and you get oily in certain areas, you may need to apply some powder once in a while as the dewiness of the foundation may enhance the oiliness. Overall, this is by far my favourite foundation at the moment. I really love the finish of this product. It's really great for summer, but I would probably wear this all year round as I love the look of dewy skin!

MaxFactor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1:
If you didn't know, MaxFactor is a sister company with Covergirl, meaning that this foundation is a dupe to Covergirl's Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation. This foundation I found would be perfect for people with oily/normal skin as it doesn't have much dewiness to it and it really controls the oil that may be produced and the product really stays put on your skin. I also find this foundation really great for dry skin as well - which is pretty weird because usually foundations only match either only oily/normal/dry skin, but this one matches all. I used this product during a time where my skin was insanely dry and this foundation worked perfectly with my skin. I tried this foundation again recently for my skin now, which is normal/oily down the bridge of my nose, and I still found this foundation to work exceptionally well. This foundation personally has medium buildable coverage, and it works amazingly well at covering up spots or if you have acne scars or blemishes! I would personally wear this foundation in the colder months as I find my skin to get quite bad during those times, and I find this product to do a great job of making my skin look better for when those days turn up.

Revlon Colourstay Foundation:
This foundation is really great for those days where you just don't want to look like you're not wearing any make-up. It has a light-medium coverage - it's fairly buildable and it also feels weightless on your skin. The great thing about this foundation range is that they have it for all the different skin types, which is so rare to see in foundation products! The foundation I have is the one for normal/dry skin. I also used this foundation before I discovered the MaxFactor Face Finity Foundation - I found that it worked rather well with my skin as my skin during the Autumn/Winter time was very dry and this foundation provided a fair amount of moisture. I would use this foundation during the summer, as it's very light on your skin and it can give a light/medium coverage depending on what you want for you skin. Disclaimer: Of course this foundation would be different for people who have oily skin as this review is of the foundation for normal/dry skin.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream:
It's very well known that Bourjois foundations are one of the best drugstore foundations. *Did you know that Bourjois is owned by Chanel, and that a majority of Bourjois products are very similar to Chanel products?* I personally see this product to have a medium coverage due to three pigments that are included in this product. I found this product amazing at concealing any redness/discolouration caused by spots or inheritance. I also found this product to have some radiance, in which the CC cream indicates "luminous complexion & smooth skin" - and I can agree fully with this product. I would wear this product during any season, as it's so light and weightless. This product would work well for any skin type, as I have heard people with oily/normal/dry skin all say that this product works well for them!

I hope I helped you guys out with getting to know some foundations and the foundations I find that work well with my skin and maybe even your skin! Of course, these weren't full reviews of each of these products, they were half-reviews I guess you could say. 

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 17 July 2014

A Day in Hastings

The day started off by waking up at half five. When I was told that I would have to wake up at this time the night before, I was shocked, but in all honesty I was awake for most of the night so I found it really easy to wake up at this time.
My sister, my grandmother and I all got ready and left the house at around six or half six and we all headed down to my great aunt's apartment via public transport. It was a very long journey...
We made it to my great aunt's house at around half eight and we all had some breakfast. I had some porridge with strawberries.
The mini bus arrived at her apartment building at half nine and we all set off with some other people from my great aunt's building. 
The journey to Hastings was ruffly two hours and guess what I did the whole way there?
I slept.
We arrived there at around eleven/twelve o'clock.
The weather for the whole day was amazing. It was so hot that I actually managed to get some tan lines from just walking around! 
The mini bus was parked opposite a crazy golf site, it was actually a very interesting sight to look at. There were water fountains and mini pools filled with bright blue water. I actually found it very fascinating. 

Below, is a picture of what looks like a tree stump. It was in the crazy golf park and it would open it's eyes and talk and sometimes it would spritz water at you. It was pretty weird...

The overall site of Hastings was really beautiful, mainly because there were quite a few brightly coloured flowers planted around different areas. 

I decided to go for really comfy shoes to wear as I knew I would be doing a lot of walking and I also knew that there was a pebbly beach (which we all wanted to visit), so I opted for my Newlook plimsolls, they were great to wear for the whole day as I didn't end up with any blisters or cuts and my feet were sore-free at the end of the day! 

After all that excitement, we all thought it would be great to look around this mini shopping center that they had. The shops looked fairly old and they ranged from gimmicky bits and bobs, to sweets, to souvenirs, to books, to clothes and so on.

We also came across some caf├ęs, restaurants and the odd one or two ice-cream parlours, which also looked very old-fashioned.

We then came across this amazing olden-time themed sweet shop. 

The next picture is of my favourite sweets in the entire world. Keep note!

After looking around all the shops, we all went to get some classic "British" fish and chips at a little restaurant opposite a mini fun fair.
My grandmother and my great aunt wanted to sit down for a little bit longer and so they told me and my sister to head on down to the seaside where they would meet us there later. and my sister walked down to the beach.

As you'll be able to tell from the upcoming pictures, Hastings seaside is a pebble beach, it was actually really hard to walk on, especially when we went barefoot into the sea later on in the day.

There were quite a lot of seagulls at this seaside. They were actually quite annoying. They would soar really close to you and if you're "lucky" they would drop a little poo on you. Thankfully I wasn't lucky.

The outfit that I wore:

Crochet Crop Top ~ Crochet Kimono ~ Pastel Periwinkle High-waisted Jean Shorts: are all from Newlook. 

The sunglasses that I wore on the day are from Newlook. As you can probably tell...I shop at Newlook a lot - they've been selling really pretty things recently!
Me and my sister decided to take our shoes and socks off and walk down to the shore. It was easier said than done because there were so many stones, and they were really uncomfortable to walk on...

The colour on my toes is No7's Gel-Look Shine in "Deep Wine"

The water wasn't actually too cold to my surprise. I also came across some dead sea creatures along the shore, such as parts of a crab and we also found a dead fish, which was probably why the population of seagulls was so popular. At this moment in time, my grandmother and great aunt joined my sister and I at our location on the shore, and they too joined us for a little paddle in the sea.

The seaside was also filled with lots of old looking boats/ships, which I thought seemed quite nice, as you don't really see that many boats/ships actually on the shore.
After spending ruffly an hour or so on the shore, we decided to head down to an arcade center. Well...when I say "we" I really mean me and my sister. My grandmother and my great aunt wanted to walk around a bit more, so we parted for a while whilst me and my sister got our gambling game on.

This picture of an arcade center shown above wasn't actually the exact arcade my sister and I went into, we went into one that was on the main road, near the sea and the crazy golf area. The arcade shown above is located near the shopping center entrance. I believe...
I spent about ten minutes trying to win five pounds which was also joined to a bunch of tickets (the tickets allow you to win anything from the booth in the arcade center. But depending on what you can win depends on how many tickets you have.) At the end I won the five pounds, but I ended up spending around seven pounds to play the game. The game that I played was the game where you put in two p's and when you put in the two p coins it pushes your prize forward. (in my case it was the five pounds and the tickets) 
With the tickets, I won a Mickey Mouse plush key-chain which was quite cute and some sweets.
After that eventful session, I ended up with five pounds, a key-chain and some sweets and my sister ended up with minus ten pounds and an angry looking face. 
We then thought we would go to the fair which was just outside the casino. Me and my sister went on a bunch of rides, and I really enjoyed most of them. If you do go to Hastings, I really recommend you go on the ride that goes around in circles and up and down at the same time, it was really fun. I also recommend the bumper cars - I was so bad at driving my car.
The time spent with my sister was amazing because I barely get to see and talk to her because she is usually at her university in Birmingham, which is two or so hours away from where I live.
After going on those rides, me and my sister were left with four tokens each. (The tokens are for going on the rides.) We didn't really see a use in the tokens as we had been on all the rides, but we kept one token each for memories and we gave the other three to two little boys who only had one token in their hands. After giving them the tokens, I felt really happy that I made someone smile. And as lame as that really was a great feeling.
The day felt like it was over in seconds, but at the same time it felt like I had been at Hastings for ages. 
It was then time to get back on the mini bus and head back home.
I had a really great day, I loved spending the whole day with the people I love. I had a really great time and it was really nice to see another part of England which I hadn't been to before.

Just a quick reminder: If you are thinking of using any of the pictures above, please contact me as I do own these pictures. To use these pictures without the owner of the picture's consent can be seen as copyright. 

I hope you guys enjoyed coming along on this journey with me, it was a really fun, memorable day. And I hope to do something similar again some day!
But for now, I shall wish you good-bye.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Review: Coastal Scents Revealed Palette

Hi loves, welcome to my first blog post! I thought I'd do a review today on a palette which I bought around New Year's of 2014 and I have been loving it ever since. *Insert drum roll here.*

This is the Revealed palette by Coastal Scents. I bought it for around £22 on Amazon, but unfortunately they no longer sell this item on Amazon, so you may have to go to the Coastal Scents site and buy it from there!

The packaging:

It has very sleek and compact packaging which is always a great advantage for when you go out or on holiday - it just means you get to pack more make-up! 

There's honestly nothing too "amazing" about the packaging on this item in comparison to say the Too Faced or Urban Decay palettes.
However I'm not too bothered about the packaging, if anything the colours in this palette are so beautiful and such great quality that they make you forget all about the packaging!

The colours:

The colours in this palette are so mind-blowing. In this palette there are 20 eye shadows ~ 5 are matte and the other 15 are shimmer. The colour pay-off is very pigmented and creamy, and they all blend really well. I believe that there are tons of higher-end eye shadow dupes in this palette. 
This colours in this palette also look very familiar to the colours in the Urban Decay Naked 1 & 2 palette - which is fantastic because the Urban Decay palettes retail for around £30 each.

Matte eye shadows - 1, 4, 5, 7, 20. They are all very creamy shades, however I found #20 to be quite patchy for when I was doing the swatches, so I had to keep building up the intensity of the eye shadow to even out the colour. 
Shimmer eye shadows - the rest of the shades. Again, all these colours are very creamy, bendable and very long-lasting and great quality.                   


The swatches above are from the first row of the palette and as you can see they're very natural looking and very great for wearing in the daytime.

The swatches above are from the second row of the palette, these colours are more night-time/dramatic/romantic colours. 

Colour close ups: 

 With these colours you can create any look - they're all neutral shades, but you can still create a natural/dramatic look or a daytime/evening look.

I really love this palette, it's been my go-to palette ever since I bought it, I always reach for this product for whatever eye look I want to wear, except very colourful looks! I would recommend this palette to anyone, as there are so many versatile colours which I personally think would suit any skin tone or eye colour.  This product is also pretty affordable and you do get a really great quality product!