Sunday, 24 September 2017

My Hair Care Routine

Today I'm going to do an updated hair care routine, I did a blog post a few years back on my hair care routine, I still use a few products I mentioned back then to this day, but I thought I'd go into full depth of everything hair.


I try to aim to get my hair cut every 3-5 months to get rid of any dead bits of hair. I have long hair that is quite thick but my hair strands itself are thin. 
I always get a trim if not I'll get a few inches more off just however much I want to get off on that day, but I do always keep the length of my hair long - I cut off more depending on how much my hair needs or if I feel like having my hair slightly shorter. 


I wash my hair twice a week. Depending on if I can be bothered to maintain my natural hair, which is curly, as I find curly hair harder to maintain because the first day of curly hair looks fine but as soon as you go to sleep the next day, your hair goes downhill from there hahaha! If I can't be too bothered to keep up with the maintenance of my curly hair I'll just straighten it which I do more often than keeping it natural.

I wash my hair with both the Herbal Essences Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo & Conditioner, I fell in love with these products as soon as I used them, the scent is amazing, I can't describe it but it doesn't smell like a generic shampoo/conditioner smell.

I really love how this scent lingers in your hair and doesn't fade after a day, it leaves your hair feeling fresh and soft and REALLY shiny, I've never had a shampoo/conditioner give me shine before, I've always had to use an oil like the Garnier Ultimate blends Coconut Oil for the shine. 

I use the oil while my hairs damp so my hair can dry with the oil seaping into my hair, I use this product to double up as a heat protectant as it protects the hair from 230 degrees.

Now...I only use my Tangle Teazer when I'm going to straighten my hair as my hair does not go well with a brush in it's natural state, so I stay well away from any brush when I leave my hair naturally.
I believe I've been using Tangle Teazers for 4 years now and this is always going to be something I recommend to people because it doesn't tug at your hair, I used to never brush my hair because I hated how much it hurt (probably because I never brushed my hair...) but since using this style of brush it's honestly been such a pleasure to do my hair (kind of, I actually hate doing my hair but this makes it more bareable!)

Sooo, if I'm going to straighten my hair which I tend to do the next day, I wash my hair the night before and let it dry overnight, so the next morning I'll brush through my hair and then I'll use my GHD Original Straighteners and starting brushing/straightening my hair as I go. If I find my hair is quite a bit frizzy after I'll apply a little bit of the hair oil just to smooth over and sleeken my hair.


I've been using these products for 2 years and they've lasted a loooong time, then again I don't have my hair natural all that much, but I can say the Curls Unleased pot will last you forever, it has a jelly texture so you feel like you're using barely anything! And you honestly don't need barely anything.

Soo...rewind, my hair has just come out of the shower with no product in, I'll apply both these products to my hair when it's quite damp. I'll use about 3 almonds of the Curls Unleased product and then 1/2 pumps of the Frizz Ease Serum.

The best styling technique for the texture of my curls is to use a diffuser hair dryer, as it doesn't make my hair frizzy AT ALL. 
So during the diffusing hair drying process I'll keep scrunching my hair throughout with my hair flipped over my hair to give my hair more volume and to define the curls as much as I can. And if I feel that I need to apply my product to my hair throughout, I will just to make sure my curls are defined and not frizzy.

I really like both these products, however I do feel that if you use TOO much of the Curls Unleased cream your hair can feel a bit sticky, so it's best to keep in mind how much to use otherwise your hair can feel a bit EH! But other than that it's a fantastic product, I do prefer it over my Frizz Ease Serum because I feel it defines the curls a lot more personally. 


I thought I'd also include the hairbands/ties that I use on my hair, I find that the bands shown above are the best and not pulling out any hair/damaging your hair.
The brown bands at the bottom are probably not the best out of the bunch, but I do find that they do hold my hair up quite well as opposed to the FOREVER21 ties.
The ties on the left that look like a phone cord are amazing actually at holding your hair up as the indents act as a grip when you do have your hair tied up!

I hope this blog post was useful to anyone who was wanting to try out anything new or pick up some advice. 

Thank you for reading <3

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Fenty X Beauty Match Stix Review

I'm super excited for today's blog post, if I'm honest this is the 1st time I've seen a makeup brand launch something and I think "oh I have to get this" and actually get it ASAP.

If you're from the UK you can buy Fenty Beauty from Harvey Nichols - and in case you're wondering the Stix's cost £21 each!  

I purchased 2 Match Stix's - 1. "Mocha" (more for contouring/bronzing) 2. "Starstruck" (a shimmery highligher.) I wasn't too fussed on getting the matte highlighting shade because I'm not fully into contouring and highlighting, so I just stuck with what I know and like!


I was really confident about trying these products out as I had researched them for a few days to make sure they'd match me well and they're honestly perfect! 

In the picture above I have captured how much product is in the tubes which is 7.10g/0.25OZ. I personally feel it's a fair amount of product because when actually using it you don't feel like you're using any at all because the consistency isn't extremely creamy. And the curvature of the stick still looks brand new after I've been using it for a couple of days!

I LOVE THE PACKAGING (it's magnetic) of these items! And honestly, I think that's what's selling them, and of course their huge shade selection. It's such a gimmicky yet handy design and storage, I honestly love it and I like how simple the colouring of the packaging is too, it doesn't look tacky. 


This highlighter is my go-to every day highlighter shade, it is fairly shimmery in comparison to another cream highlighter that I use by Collection that I love in shade 01 Pear Sheel (and it's fairly similar to this shade actually - the Fenty one being a tad more intense and shimmery, the Collection one gives a more 'lit from within' natural look haha.) 
The highlighter gives a nice 'wet' look to the skin.

I really wanted to try out the shade Confetti, but to me it was more of a less wearable shade, as it was more blue-lilac toned? So I went for the safe option which I knew I would wear all the time and get my money's worth from! Maybe I'll give it a try in the near future.

The consistency is very interesting, it doesn't feel creamy when you're applying it onto your skin, it feels like a powder in a stick form - which is not at all a bad thing it was just unlike something I've experienced before. 

The cool thing also about these products is that it doesn't feel like you're using any product as the tip of the product has stayed nice and round like I mentioned earlier - plus it's extremely pigmented so you barely need much application.

I find this highlighter so easy to blend, I apply it onto my cheekbone from the stick and blend it in further with my fingertip to warm the product up a little to make it more moveable.


I chose the shade Mocha because I felt it would go best with my medium olive skin-tone and I did see people with my skin colouring using the shade below and it turning out fairly ashy on them, I believe it was the shade 'Amber' HOWEVER if you have fair skin I think this would be a perfect shade for you as it won't come out looking harsh at all on you.

I would say this shade is more cool toned but I think it's fairly neutral, which is why I really enjoy using it for bronzing as it reminds me of my all-time-favourite bronzing powder Bahama Mama by theBalm - it's pretty much the same colouring but in powder form!

I'm really happy with this shade. The consistency is the same as the highlighter, however I've seen people using the stick and contouring their whole face and the product drying super quickly by the time they get to their other cheekbone, so I do suggest to bronze/contour in sections.
I use my stick to bronze up my skin as I find my face to be a lot lighter than the rest of my body and this shade is perfect for making me and the colour of my body look even.
I do think I could have even bought the shade above in 'Truffle' as I find 'Mocha' blends into my skin really well, as if there's nothing there but a very slight bronzey sheen, which I do like and I'm very happy with but I think Truffle would have been a very good shade for me also.

This product blends out really nicely, I use a dense foundation brush to blend it out (Real Techniques Expert Face Brush) and it works wonderfully and blends it out so naturally.

You don't even have to set the product in place with another bronzer!
I'd say the finish of this product is matte however if you have a natural glow to your skin the product still allows it to peep through which is lovely.


I hope you enjoyed my review, I really recommend these products or any of the shades as they're all the same consistency - I'll definitely be trying out more of the highlighting sticks! 
I also really want to try out the Fenty primer, foundation and powder - even though I'm not the biggest fan of foundation I'll definitely give it a go, because my issues was always finding a perfect shade and Rihanna has come out with so many options that I'm more than sure I'll find myself a good match! I've heard so many great things about the whole range!