Sunday, 19 March 2017

My 2017 Skin Care Routine

Welcome back to another blog post! For a while I went without pampering my skin, and I just kept my routine VERY simple. But over the past few months, since around Christmas time, I've accumulated a few products which I have fallen in love with. 
On this blog, I speak my mind about all the products I review, I only review products which I actually like, so I hope you guys respect my honesty in this post and enjoy it as much as I did writing it!

SO let's rewind back to night time...
🌙  🌟 🌙  🌟 🌙  🌟 🌙

When taking off my makeup, I always use my Micellar water, I'd religiously use the Simple one but I found it was a bit harder to get my hands on as my local Tesco doesn't stock it, so I reverted back to the Garnier one, which works just as well! 

If I'm suffering with a bit of eczema on my nose that day I'll apply only a little of my HC45 cream and then I'll follow up with my moisturising products straight after.

When it comes to the moisturisers that I use on my skin at night, I chop and change it between 2 products. (the first picture and the second picture, I count the first picture as one of my products, even though there's 2 items)

I use these two products above at night as they are quite rich in moisture which I think would be too much to use as a day cream.

The "Elizavecca Witch Piggy Hell Pore Hyaluronic Acid 97%" (on the left) absorbs instantly into the skin, it feels like a serum as you massage it into the skin, but then it turns a little bit tacky as it dries. I use this product to act as a sponge for when I apply the bottle on the right which is "The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil." I find these two together work perfectly as it doesn't feel too oily which is great!

I find that the Hyaluronic Acid feels SUPER light-weight on my skin, practically non-existent (this product was honestly sold to me by the packaging, and surprisingly the product is just as awesome as it looks) which is why I go in with a second product (the rose hip oil) just to add extra hydration and skin-loving ingredients to my skin. 

And when I wake up the next day my skin looks healthy, clear and radiant! I absolutely love these two products to apply as a duo at night time.

Some days during the week at night I like to switch it up and use my "Lancome Energie De Vie" moisturiser.

I believe you can use this product morning and night, but I personally like using it at night time, as I feel like it'll benefit my skin more? As your skin repairs itself between 2-4am, so I feel like my skin will make the most of this product in that time.

This product aims at targeting your skin to look less tired and dull and it's suited for all ages which is perfect! I 100% agree with what the product claims to do. I wake up the next day with my skin looking the most healthy and radiant that it's ever been. The texture of this product feels like a serum when applied to the skin, it absorbs so well into the skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

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It's time to WAKE UP now! Good Morning
🌞  🌞  🌞  🌞

For a while I wasn't using a moisturiser in the morning as I felt my skin had too much moisture in it, causing my skin to become oily throughout the day. However, recently I was at the station having to kill 2 hours of my time as I'm ALWAYS early for everything, so I popped into Boots and started browsing the moisturisers, and I came across the "No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream."

I used the tester pot on my hand first and the texture of this product was thick and as I massaged it into my hand, the product simply glided and melted into my skin, leaving such a smooth base with no oily residue, so I went on a whim and just bought the little pot of joy!

AND to my delight I love it, my makeup applies really well with it as a base, it keeps me nicely hydrated throughout the day without making me oily! 

As my makeup routine (base wise) is just concealer and bronzer, I was a bit skeptical about using a moisturiser as I didn't want the moisturiser to make my bronzer application patchy, as I don't wear foundation (so there was no initial base for the bronzer to hold onto) however I've had no issue with patchiness, and it looks better than ever, the products glide seamlessly over it!

DISCLAIMER: I get quite nervous when it comes to trying out new skin care products, as I have slightly sensitive skin, so if you're nervous like me about getting a reaction or breakouts, I was your dummy and have tried all these products on myself for over 2 weeks and I've not had one breakout or any redness/reaction.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Review: Morphe 35B & 35W

Hello everyone! Yesterday my order of 2 Morphe palettes from beautybay arrived in the post, and because I was so amazed with the quality I thought I'd share it on my blog with you guys! I ordered the palette on Tuesday evening and it arrived the next day in the evening with free shipping! I really am happy with the service from beautybay.



The size of these palettes are fairly big as you can see, however its quite compact and thin so it can be fairly suitable for travelling, especially if you're a makeup artist, they would be very convenient for your kit. 



Morphe 35B Palette

It was rather hard for my camera to pick up the shimmery/satin shades so hopefully in the pictures below you can get a better idea of what this palette includes!

#1 - matte    #2 - matte    #3 - glitter    #4 - satin    #5 - satin    #6 - matte    #7 - satin
#8 - matte    #9 - satin    #10 - glitter    #11 - satin    #12 - matte    #13 - matte    #14 - matte
#15 - satin    #16 - matte    #17 - satin   #18 - matte    #19 - matte    #20 - matte    #21 - satin
#22 - glitter    #23 - matte    #24 - matte    #25 - matte    #26 - matte    #27 - matte    #28 - matte
#29 - matte    #30 - satin    #31 - matte    #32 - matte    #33 - matte    #34 - satin    #35 - matte

Overall I am amazed by the quality of these eyeshadows. I honestly recommend this palette to anyone who likes a bit of colour in their life as these are hands down the best quality eyeshadows that I've tried so far for vibrant colours. 
I've tried Revolution colour palettes (from Superdrug) and their quality is good but the Morphe quality is 100% better and worth the money, for the price of the Morphe palettes (£20) I'd definitely recommend the Morphe ones over the revolution one which is about £4, as you do get a variety of shades.
I was amazed by the pigmentation of the matte shades as usually matte colours tend to be a lot less pigmented than shimmery/satin shades as the formula is drier and not as creamy - thus making it not as pigmented, but as you can see in the swatches the colour pay off is lovely!

Morphe 35W Palette

#1 - matte    #2 - matte    #3 - matte    #4 - satin    #5 - satin    #6 - matte    #7 - satin
#8 - satin    #9 - satin    #10 - matte    #11 - matte    #12 - satin    #13 - matte    #14 - satin
#15 - satin    #16 - matte    #17 - satin   #18 - satin    #19 - satin    #20 - satin    #21 - satin
#22 - matte    #23 - satin    #24 - satin    #25 - satin    #26 - satin    #27 - satin    #28 - satin
#29 - satin   #30 - matte    #31 - matte    #32 - matte    #33 - matte    #34 - glitter    #35 - matte

The pigmentation on this palette is also amazing, just as good (if not better) than the colour palette, being as these colours are all neutral so the colour pay off is natural always better than coloured/vibrant eyeshadows.
I am really impressed with this palette, I'm just blown away that I can't think of anything better to say about these palettes because they're THAT amazing.

I really do recommend these if you're a makeup addict like myself, you can pretty much see for yourself the quality of these shadows! Both these palettes retail for around £20, which is personally a good value for the quality. I personally feel like these shadows are the same sort of quality as MAC eyeshadows, if not better, and MAC shadows retail for £15 each whereas with this palette you get 35 eyeshadows for £20, so you're paying about 57p per shadow which is AN ABSOLUTE BARGAIN!

I hope you enjoyed this review!